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Dr. Catherine Josephine Wilkins: Protects USF Sexual Harassers — Assistant Dean of USF Honors College, Judy Genshaft

Dr. Catherine Josephine Wilkins: Protects USF Sexual Harassers — Assistant Dean of USF Honors College, Judy Genshaft


Dr. Wilkins: A Champion for USF Sexual Harassers and Cancer Charity Fraud…

Meet your Assistant Dean of USF Honors College, Judy Genshaft:

Dr. Wilkins: Creates fake documents and false alibis to protect a sexual harasser (her former supervisor) at USF.

Dr. Wilkins: Fills her USF state-owned work computer with p*********y and s*x stories from and written by her USF supervisor. Male USF supervisor uses his USF work email to send p*********y to USF female employees.

Male USF supervisor requests many times “BOOTY CALLS” from female USF employee under his supervision.

Atmosphere of USF workplace under male supervisor is full of sexual harassment, lewd sexual comments, and USF work time and resources are spent searching for and looking at p*********y on USF work computers. This sexual behavior at work is encouraged by the male USF supervisor, and Dr. Wilkins gladly participates, and begins a secret cheating s*x affair with her USF supervisor.

Dr. Wilkins: Reads her USF supervisor s*x stories (that he writes) as he masturbates to her voice and “climaxes” (e********s).

Dr. Wilkins: When caught cheating sexually and giving oral s*x to her male USF supervisor — she claims she was “raped” by her USF supervisor. (Was it a “real rape” or yet another false claim by Dr. Wilkins so she can escape her own guilt and participation? Dr. Wilkins proceeds to change stories and change blame multiple times to diminish and hide her own consensual s*x actions in a secret cheating/adulterous s*x affair with her USF supervisor.)

Dr. Wilkins and her male USF supervisor conspire together for years to delete evidence, lie, make false alibis, change stories, block abuse reports, and protect each other from public accountability.

Together, they play “innocent,” “ignorant,” and blame others, in order to escape telling the truth or receiving proper negative repercussions.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins: Creates secret S*X ADS and goes by “Cat” at USF and “XXXMzCatXXX” on s*x hookup websites requesting orgies with women, and secret cheating s*x flings.

Dr. “XXXMzCatXXX” Wilkins: Lies for years multiple times on resumés and applications — for job positions, trips, and promotions.

Dr. Catherine Josephine Wilkins: Lies on grant proposals in attempts to steal money from charities using her own CANCER-caretaking SCAM.

Dr. Wilkins: Actually is taking exotic vacations while she claims (i.e. lying / faking / scamming) that she is “caring” and “paying medical bills” for a dying cancer patient. (Dr. Wilkins is NOT caring for or paying any bills of a cancer patient, IT IS AN ABUSIVE FRAUD SCAM BY DR. WILKINS.)

Cancer patient in reality is suffering greatly and near death, walking themselves alone to the hospital, as Dr. “XXXMzCatXXX” Wilkins is: “Living it up” and hunting down s*x flings and enjoying fun locales and events like Key West, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mardi Gras parades, trying to pose nude for Playboy magazine, showing off her b*****s on Bourbon Street, getting her b*****s signed by rockstars backstage, and having cheating and adulterous s*x with men and women found on the internet.

Dr. Wilkins continues lying about “caring for a cancer patient” for years so she may receive countless dishonest rewards.


Dr. Wilkins repeatedly lies on, fails to file, creates fake alibis, and outright blocks abuse reports to escape her own accountability, and protect her own career that has been built on lies, academic falsehoods, and vast ethics abuses.

Actual quote by Dr. Wilkins: “Because I find cheating thrilling.”

Actual quote by Dr. Wilkins: “I’ve been lying since I was a child.”

Meet your assistant dean of USF Honors College, Judy Genshaft.

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